Indigenous Sport & Recreation

The aim of this program is to encourage wide community involvement and active participation in group sport and physical recreation activities, to build the skills of community members to participate in, organised and promote community sport and physical recreation activities over the long term, and to encourage drug free participation and respect for players, officials and spectators involved.


Applicants must reside within the North Coast of NSW, from Tweed Heads to Woy Woy to Eastern side of Armidale.

All applicants must be aware that they are required to contribute 25% of eligible items. Example registration fee $100.00 you pay $25.00 and Ngurrala contribution $75.00.

National & International Events application will be deemed ineligible due to funding constraints. 

Must be of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander descent provide a fully endorsed Confirmation of Aboriginality. 

All grants must be acquitted, this means that you must provide evidence and receipts related to funded activity to Ngurrala as soon as possible. A brief report on performance of applicant or newspaper clipping and photographs. Failure to provide will deem your application ineligible.


Both individuals and teams can apply for a grant, must submit all appropriate documentation supporting their application e.g. Confirmation from the club/sporting organisation regarding the cost of registration and/or other costs associated with activity. Grants can be made for; registration fees, equipment, uniforms/apparel, camps and coaching clinic, accredited courses for coaches and officials, transport and accommodation etc.
Applications should be submitted (4)weeks prior to event if less than 4 wks a Special Circumstance form is to be completed. once application are received it will take up to 2 wks of processing (if all documentation provided) Once allocation of funds are approved Finance manager will distribute funds to designated org, club, person or business.


Maximum Grant is not to exceed $300.00 per individual and $500.00 per team per financial year.
Please Note: No funding is available for events where there is revenue raised &/or Financial gain Koori Knockout; Prize Money
All applications must be submitted with relevant information about the event you wish to attend, this may include documentation such as congratulations letter, team levy & uniform costs. Failure to provide this information will make your application ineligible.